[японский] Yamada Masaki - Ghost in the Shell: Innocence [ranobe] - After the Long Goodbye / Ямада Масаки - Призрак в доспехах: Невинность - После долгого прощания [ранобэ] [2004, jpg] 

Призрак в доспехах: Невинность - После долгого прощания
Ghost in the Shell: Innocence - After the Long Goodbye
イノセンス After the Long Goodbye
- Год выпуска: 2004
Автор: Ямада Масаки
Жанр: ранобэ, киберпанк
Издательство: Tokuma Shoten
ISBN: 4-19-905154-6
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Формат: *.jpg
Язык: японский
Описание: Небольшой роман, написанный по мотивам вселенной Ghost in the Shell. С одной стороны, это рассказ об одиноком киборге-офицере Бато, разыскивающем своего пропавшего пса Габриэля. С другой - это спокойный, неспешный, местами даже философский экскурс в безжалостный мир киберпанка GitS.
Доп. информация: В том же 2004 году вышел полнометражный анимационный фильм "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" режиссера Осии Мамору.-Справочная информация: Wikipedia.-

Что такое ранобэ (light novel)

«Лайт-новел», Light Novel (яп. ライトノベル райто нобэру), сокр. ラノベ (ранобэ) или ライノベ (райнобэ) — относительно короткие романы с иллюстрациями, основная целевая аудитория которых — подростки и молодёжь. Термин «Light Novel» произошёл от англ. light (лёгкий, упрощённый) и novel (роман), означает буквально «лёгкий роман» и является примером «васэй-эйго» — термина японского языка, составленного из английских слов.
Стиль иллюстраций в «лайт-новел» напоминает кадры манги, но объём иллюстраций относительно текста весьма невелик, поэтому «лайт-новел» относят к прозе, считая эквивалентом молодёжной повести. Произведения часто адаптируются в мангу или аниме-сериал.
Поскольку ранобэ ориентированы в первую очередь на молодёжную аудиторию, это определяет некоторые особенности их оформления. Книги издаются в небольшом формате, содержат цветные иллюстрации, выполненные в том же стиле, в каком делаются изображения в манге и аниме, текст обычно набирается более крупным шрифтом (по сравнению, например, с текстом газет или «взрослых» книг). Многие иероглифы снабжаются фуриганой, при этом фуригана, помимо своего прямого назначения, порой используется для придания словам иных, нестандартных чтений. Манера письма часто характеризуется короткими (одно-два предложения) абзацами и обильным использованием диалогов. Эти особенности призваны способствовать быстрому чтению «лайт-новел».
© Википедия

Примеры отсканированных страниц

Описание от VIZ Media (на английском)

The hulking cyborg counterterrorist Batou doesn't have a family; his electronic brain never dreams. So why did he dream the other night - and dream that he has a son?
At one time, Batou had a human love for his partner, the legendary Major, before he witnessed her transfiguration into something beyond humanity. Now he has only his job, and his beloved basset hound, Gabriel. But when Batou has a near-death experience in an arranged car "accident," he returns home to find Gabriel has gone missing--perhaps, to go look for her owner's lost soul.
Batou's desperate search for Gabriel leads him down surreal streets where homeless men fight tanks and yakuza racing hounds chase rabbits downloaded into their heads. Batou fears his poor dog has made a horrible mistake out of innocence - for Batou has taken a cold look inside himself...and decided that he never truly had a soul...

Рецензия от Jake Beal (на английском)

How shall I describe this book? Like a long, sad jazz solo, meandering philosophically around the question of souls but never quite coming to a conclusion - and it would be wrong if it did. On the one hand, it's a story about a lost man looking for his lost dog. On the other hand, it's an action-packed story about a cyborg government agent taking on terrorists and mobsters with lots of explosions and gunfire. The two are one and the same.
The signature element of this book is the slow action sequence. Early on, a car crash takes sixteen pages and six little chapter breaks between sections. The breaks show up unexpectedly, right in the middle of the action: flash, and the action slowly picks up gain from an odd little aside, flash again, and we're talking about something else as the car bursts into flames and we have time to admire the pretty colors and reflect on the difference between how a human and a cyborg would experience this crisis.
This book is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who want answers. Reality is plastic for the characters in its universe, and their memories are intact and true only so far as their data integrity holds. Flash, and the book slows down for a conversation with an imaginary character. Flash, it speeds up again for a philosophical debate. You can hold it in your hand like a collection of still photographs, painstakingly arranged to echo of loss and isolation, hear the wind vibrating the ragged edges of the characters' hreadbare souls.
Is it deep? I don't think that it is. There are no ideas just spelled out for the reader that are worth picking up. The characters spend a lot of time thinking about philosophical issues of mind and soul as they kill terrorists or perhaps become the terrorists themselves. Their ideas, however, are less an original insight for the reader (as some authors would have made it) than their own attempts to cope with a world out of their control in which the definition of humanity is increasingly meaningless. Is it deep? Not on the surface, certainly, for all its deep words, but perhaps deep inside.
The measure of a book's ideas, after all, is different in fiction than it is in science. In science, you can walk away afterwards and say "Yes, that was good." "No, I don't believe that" "Yes, it is novel." Fiction, though, is a question of whether it roils your thoughts and sticks with you afterwards like a tune you can't get out of your head. Did this story infect me with its ideas? Perhaps... perhaps, like the main character Batou, I just can't get rid of the jazz riff that's going through it.
This is a sad story, and an old story, and a story about fear of the new and foreign world we live in. It's what you might expect, looking at the sepia image on the cover, Batou holding his dog in a blank white emptiness that surrounds him. The dog droops mournfully and Batou's face is turned to the side, looking at something that only he can see, expressionlessly. Does he have a soul?
Don't expect this to be like the Ghost in the Shell movies. The content is the same, but the texture works much better in novel form. Read it and don't listen to the words the characters say, but the things that drive them to say them. Listen for the long dark jazz
melody drifting into the bright sky over an endless city. Listen for salvation in the strangest places. I loved the book, but I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe you just have to settle down and take it on its own term until the two of you are in synch.
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